Mundomatic, coordinating productions globally, trusted worldwide.
Deeply creative, highly effective- from China to the USA our technical production work sets the standard for unforgettable events.

Located in the heart of Europe, our Belgian office is the perfect example of a global team with a cosmopolitan personality. By understanding the entertainment market and the objectives of our clients we can indulge our clients' dreams, achieving greater goals and extending their potential.

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Production Office
Execution is King.
*But budget is queen.

Executing your creative vision and bringing it to life requires a unique blend of skills and expertise. Mundomatic crafts your creativity into efficient, cost-effective, memorable productions, on time and on budget, anywhere in the world.

We offer a complete support service from conception to delivery and are not tied to suppliers or rental companies in anyway, because of this freedom, Mundomatic represents your interests fully and unconditionally.

Creative Office
Transforming ideas into action.

Creativity is that spark which spurs us on beyond the threshold of the ordinary and into the spectacular. At Mundomatic our business is to ignite that spark- we translate the fantastic and impossible into the actualised and visionary, creating breathtaking events that far exceed your expectations.

The slightest skeleton of a story or even a mere idea can be transformed into an impressive technical feat, but at Mundomatic we don’t stop there- going beyond that technical transformation, our expert team pride themselves in fashioning an entire experiential journey that will delight both you and your customers.

International standards, local knowledge.

How best to handle the competent authorities in each country?

Mundomatic enjoys intimate knowledge of the legislative provisions in force within any given country or a city- from technical plans to regulations, even the minutest technical details of a meeting hall or location won’t escape our attention.

For example, did you know that in Italy, you can’t use ladders? Or that in Berlin your crowd barrier must be approved by no fewer than three administrative departments?

Intercultural event management
You get what you ask for! But did you ask for what you wanted?

The ability to navigate successfully across cultures is a critical element in succeeding on the global stage. Mundomatic has developed innovative tools and services to overcome the logistical, technical, and tactical challenges of intercultural business.

With our many years of international experience, we can guide clients through the intricacies of moving to and within other worlds- building their capacity to think globally and act locally.

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